Communication 2.0 for sports clubs

Sports MSSNGR on desktop and mobile

Let your members enjoy a customized, comfortable and innovative communication.
Sports MSSNGR is easy to set up and convenient to maintain for the club staff.

  • Truly individual: Present your club with your own App and fully customized content
  • Convenient maintenance: Easy to use admin website
  • Highly flexible: Define structure and content 100% yourself

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Gce korbiniankofler
“Sports MSSNGR enables us to direct our app users' interests to the areas which are most important to them - and to us”
– Korbinian Kofler, Managing Director Golfclub München Eichenried, home of the BMW open

A truly individual App experience

With Sports MSSNGR, you get your own App with an individual App Icon and name. Content and Structure is 100% up to you. Inform your members about your clublife, let them book trainings and courses, integrate a webcam.

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Real time information

Every information entered by the club is immediately available to all users.
Start thinking about managing your club's capacities by informing your members about vacancies and offerings in real time.

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Personal interest filter

Reach maximum attention by communicating only what is really relevant to your members. By applying their personal interest filter in the App, everything an app user reads gets 100% relevance and attention.

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“Push” your members

Reach your member's maximum attention by sending them direct messages. Again, the interest filter helps you to reach only those members who are really interested.

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Available on all mobile phones

Sports MSSNGR comes as an iOS App, an Android App and as a Web App to serve all other mobile phones.

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Leverage your team

Apply different user roles to let your team engage in the content generation for the Sports MSSNGR App. And due to a sophisticated user rights management, senior staff of your club can control what’s being published to the members.

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Use existing content

You are having activities already entered in your club's booking system? Automatically input this data into Sports MSSNGR via our import API. Also integrate your booking engine for trainings and events.

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